Five absolute must-do's in Victoria Falls

Make sure when taking a trip to Victoria Falls, that you add these amazing experiences to your itinerary. They'll certainly add to making your vacation a truly magical one.

Boma African dinner dance experience - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

The Boma, Dinner & Drum Show

Conveniently located on the same property as the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, is a true gem of a Zimbabwean experience. The Boma Dinner and drum show promises you keep you entertained from the moment you arrive until you depart.

As you arrive you’ll be dressed in a chitenge (sarong) and after being seated by a friendly face, you will take part in a traditional hand washing ceremony and get to try a mug of local beer. A platter will be served consisting of an array of appetisers which include crocodile tail, peppered impala and corn ciabatta, followed by soup from the campfire.

The evening offers an absolutely mouth-watering buffet dinner, with many different options including grilled ostrich, buffalo curry and lamb on the spit to name a few. There are vegetarian options available with an extensive salad bar, and local delights such as Sadza (One of Zimbabwe’s stable diet, which is a thick porridge made from ground maize), To finish off their is a huge selection of heavenly desserts to indulge your sweet tooth in.

During the course of the evening you’ll watch performances by traditional singers, dancers and drummers, take a visit to the sangoma (witch doctor) who will tell you your future, and have your face painted. You’ll even have a chance to try a dried mopane worm, and receive a certificate as proof. The grand finale gives you a chance to really enjoy the African rythmn and get involved in the interactive drumming show.

Make sure to be seated by 7:15pm if you want to make the most of the evening, and bookings are absolutely essential. If you’re staying at Victoria falls safari lodge, a courtesy shuttle is available.

Interactive drumming during dinner at The Boma, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Helicopter flip over the Victoria Falls

If seeing the magnificent Victoria Falls, is on your bucket list then this one’s for you… Instead of doing it the ordinary way, why not be adventurous and take a helicopter flight over the thundering waterfall. There really are no words to describe this awe-inspiring experience. There will be loads of photo opportunities, and you’ll really be able to take in every detail of one of the beautiful Seven natural Wonders of the World from a birds eye view. You can choose from the Flight of Angels experience which takes you over the towering wall of mist created by the falls, or you can pick the Zambezi spectacular which is a longer flight that not only offers the falls experience, but the Zambezi National Park and Batoka Gorge too. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for wildlife sightings too, elephant especially…

See Victoria Falls from a helicopter

Victoria Falls Craft Market

The Craft Market is the perfect spot to shop for curios and beautiful works of arts and crafts, and is much more affordable then purchasing from hotels and lodges in the surrounding area. There are endless options to browse through. Take home a souvenir to always remember your wonderful stay in Victoria Falls, or simply a gift for a loved one so they too can have a little piece of Africa.

Jewellery, wooden carvings, Batique fabric, marimbas, tribal drums and stone carvings are just a few of the adornments on offer. Be sure to look out for the soap stone carvings made by the Shona tribe. The artists will be thrilled to discuss their art with you and the atmosphere and culture is truly something to behold, there really isn’t much to compare to a friendly Zimbabwean smile and of course their warm hospitality. Be ready to barter with them, as it’s all part of the experience but make sure you look through the market entirely before you begin. Buying more items from one supplier usually results in you getting a better deal.

Victoria Falls Craft market

High tea at the Victoria Falls Hotel

The Victoria Falls Hotel, is one of those special gems enriched with history and class, built in 1904 it used to be accommodation for workers who were constructing the railway from Cape to Cairo. One of the greatest aspects of this gorgeous hotel is the amazing view of the Victoria Falls Bridge, and the spray of the mighty falls. The hotel with its British colonial feel still keeps up with the much loved tradition of high tea, and this is truly a treat that we recommend to all.

Dress up for the occasion, and feel like royalty while enjoying the exceptional service from the friendly staff. The best part? You don’t need to be a guest of the hotel to enjoy the lavish high tea, or any meal for that matter. Tea is served out on the beautiful Stanley Terrace from 3pm-6pm, with vintage cutlery and crockery, and bone china. The treats are simply delectable with favourites being the warm scones with jams and clotted cream, the decadent chocolate slice and of course mini cucumber sandwiches. Delicious pastries and mini bite-size savoury treats are also a win. Wash it down with a cup of freshly brewed tea, there are many blends to choose from and you’ll be sure to find one that suit your taste buds. Bookings aren’t required but we do advise that you enquire beforehand to be on the safe side.

View of Victoria Falls from the verandah of the Victoria Falls Hotel

River cruise on the great Zambezi

One thing that we highly recommend is experiencing the great Zambezi from the luxury of a catamaran... The African Queen Cruise Company has two vessels, the African queen (which is a 70ft triple deck catamaran) and the African Princess which is slightly smaller. They offer different cruises throughout the day, but our personal favourite is the sunset cruise. It’s a two hour cruise, where you’ll get to sit, and relax while sipping away at delicious cocktails and munching on scrumptious snacks, watching the last rays of the African sun disappear from the sky. This charming experience truly lets you soak in the scenery, and wildlife as you enjoy Africa at its finest. For a more personal affair, one can book the captain’s cabin, where the top deck is exclusive to you and your party.

Cruise the Zambezi

The Devils Pool

In 1855, Scottish explorer David Livingstone saw the majestic Victoria Falls for the very first time from an island in the middle of the Zambezi. He described it saying “Scenes so lovely they must have been gazed upon by angels” Although that was over 150 years ago, anyone who is lucky enough to see this true wonder of the world will most likely feel the same as he did. This one is for the adrenaline junkies out there… One can actually go to this undeveloped island from August-January (when the water levels aren’t too high, and the currents aren’t too strong), and go swimming right up to the edge of the waterfall in what is known as the Devils pool. There is a thick natural rock wall which stops swimmers from being swept over the edge, and one can either hold on to the rock ledge and look over the edge or sit and look backwards at the mighty powerful water swirling down around them, while a guide holds on to your feet. The guides are extremely safety conscious and will explain the rules upon arrival as well as using safety ropes.

Victoria Falls

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