Imagine Perfection

Slow down and enjoy life at a place so pristine you’ll feel completely at peace among nature and wildlife.

Imagine this… a place so tranquil, so unspoilt or untouched in its wilderness, surrounded by the sea, forest, and mountains.

In the craziness of everyday life we tend to forget that something like this still exists… but it does… and if this magical destination is not already on your bucket list, Grootbos certainly should be.

Private villa at Grootbos Nature Reserve, South Africa

Grootbos is a luxury eco-reserve; close to the most Southern tip of Africa… it’s not far off from the beautiful Hermanus. It’s the perfect getaway right at your fingertips and once you arrive here… you may not want to go anywhere else for it truly is a life changing experience. Now add unforgettable luxury living to the sweet serenity of the reserve and you have yourself the perfect vacation.

Grootbos offers a range of accommodation, but our favourite is the superb villas, with a view that is so picturesque and gorgeous you'd love to have it framed on the wall as a painting. If you’re looking for an exclusive spot to enjoy with family and friends, then the luxury private villa is most certainly for you… Set away from the rest of the estate with suites which sleep 12, offering 1000 square metres of peace and tranquillity at your dispense.

One of the most unique features is the large bay windows from floor to roof, bringing in a plethora of light and giving you a panoramic view of all the reserve has to offer. There is nothing quite like watching the sun set over the majestic Atlantic Ocean, while the aroma of fynbos fills the air and you sip on a glass of sublime wine - served to you by your very own butler.

View from your private villa room at Grootbos

Spend your days languishing in your private swimming pool, or go out and explore the reserve with your own personal nature guide. Go horseback riding through the belt of natural scrubland, or ride along the beach… treat yourself to a full body massage, or go whale watching… for the more adventurous, take a scenic flight, dive with sharks or go quad biking… just a few of the many activities to choose from.

Indulge in delicious meals prepared by your private chef with only the freshest and most flavoursome ingredients most of which are locally sourced, and after dinner for those crisp, chilly evenings curl up next to the cosy fire place with a cup of hot chocolate, or simply watch the glistening stars that light up the night sky through the telescope in your lounge.

Private pool at your villa - Grootbos Nature Reserve

The attention to detail is marvellous, and thoughtful, and the suites offer every amenity one could possibly dream of, including a cinema room, gym and wine cellar.

Bathroom with a view across walker Bay - Grootbos Nature Reserve

The private villas at Grootbos will not disappoint, with friendly, personalised service, and opulent comfort, you’ll leave feeling delighted, rejuvenated, and rested…

My team and I look forward to including this piece of paradise into your Southern Africa safari!

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